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Kari Nanstad

Kari Nanstad Fine Art

Tacoma, WA


Kari Nanstad is a multiple award winning artist using many different medians. Kari owned Quarter, and Paint Horses, shown, assisted in the training of her own horses for over 20 years, a Washington State Champion, and has won many titles in many different riding medians. A University of Washington graduate and a published artist, Kari was featured in 2014 Washington Thoroughbred Breeder's Magazine Fall issue, for winning Digital Art Division First and Second Place Awards for " Quarter Racing Blues," and "Locommotion," also featured in 2012 " Photoshop Creative," Magazine,( issue #84, a sold out February). Kari had the honor of judging 2011 & 2014 " Fine Art Show," for the digital art division in Puyallup Washington, ( one of the country's largest state fairs). Received "Pic of the Week Award," by Corel Painter Magazine, UK for December 16, 2013, and awarded National Association of Photoshop Professionals, "Editors Choice Award " for "The Boat House," digital photograph and painting. Kari is fascinated with digital photography, and loves to incorporate many different softwares such as; Corel Painter, and Photoshop CS6, into her creations. Kari currently attends Digital Art Academy, NAPP, Kelby Training, as well as Lynda.com tutorials, and studies under the direction of many digital artists, an additional web site: http://www.fantasyimages.vpweb.com.



Pocket Full Of Roses by Kari Nanstad


Glenda by Kari Nanstad


Riding The Surf by Kari Nanstad


Kitty Car Crow by Kari Nanstad


Racing For Time by Kari Nanstad


Arabian Grey by Kari Nanstad


Butterfly Fairy by Kari Nanstad


The Sea Horse Fairy by Kari Nanstad


Captivating Smile by Kari Nanstad


Ready To Race by Kari Nanstad


Quarter Racing Blues by Kari Nanstad


Racing Colors by Kari Nanstad


Field of Dreams by Kari Nanstad


Locommotion by Kari Nanstad


Daisy Daze by Kari Nanstad


My Favorite by Kari Nanstad


Beautiful Dahlia by Kari Nanstad


The Dog House by Kari Nanstad


Sunset Mustang by Kari Nanstad


Seattle Carriage Horse by Kari Nanstad


Quail in Lavender by Kari Nanstad


Lavender Blues by Kari Nanstad


Lavender Fields by Kari Nanstad


Lavender Stems by Kari Nanstad


Painted For Lavender by Kari Nanstad


Pony in Pasture by Kari Nanstad